Leonardo Rennola (In English/Spanish and teaching remote)

Docent major Spaans, Wiskunde, Natuurkunde en Scheikunde

Dear students,
I am writing to express my passion and dedication to teaching Spanish, mathematics, physics, and chemistry. With over 30 years of experience teaching different courses in chemical engineering at the university level, I am confident in my ability to support and guide you to achieve your academic goals through these subjects. The classes or tutoring sessions would be conducted in either English or Spanish. Throughout my years of teaching, I have developed a strong understanding of what it takes to create an effective learning environment. I approach teaching with an open mind, patience, and a commitment to excellence. I work to inculcate confidence and inspire curiosity in my students, all while maintaining a rigorous academic standard. Furthermore, I have learned to become adaptable and can quickly modify my teaching style to meet the individual needs of each student. My extensive experience in chemical engineering has provided me with a deep understanding of mathematics and physics. I have also developed strong analytical skills and a systematic approach to problem-solving through my experience teaching chemistry. I truly believe that these skills and my experience make me an exceptional candidate to teach Spanish, mathematics, physics, and chemistry. I am excited to use my years of experience and expertise to help guide and inspire you. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to work with you and help foster a love of learning.
Sincerely, Leonardo Rennola

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